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Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note - black

Part number: CS300UK2

In stock, ships within 24-48 hours
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Created specifically for writing and drawing on your Samsung® Galaxy Note, this advanced, pressure sensitive stylus may be used as an alternate to the S Pen, which ships with some Samsung devices. This weighted stylus is comfortable in your hand and gives you a more natural and pen-like experience for writing, capturing notes, sketching ideas, drawing, or navigating your device.

The Bamboo Stylus feel’s active pen technology communicates with a special sensor built into your Samsung Galaxy Note. This innovative combination creates a digital note-taking and sketching experience so accurate and precise that it really looks like your handwriting on paper.

This stylus is weighted perfectly in your hand and available in either white or black.

What's Inside

  • Bamboo Stylus feel
  • Additional nibs
  • Quick start guide

For use with: Samsung Galaxy Note. For a compatibility list of these tablets, click here.